Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Alaska -- Day 28

Our plan for this summer is to spend it in Canada and Alaska--one month in Canada and about six weeks in Alaska. That was and is a good plan. If we had wanted to get to Alaska sooner, we might have run into problems. We saw some rain in Banff and a lot of rain in Jasper. That storm hit Yukon Territory really hard. We learned today that the Alaska Highway was closed between Watson Lake and Teslin and also between Haines Junction and Destruction Bay. Stores in Whitehorse had empty shelves--and I do mean empty. Finally, several stores went together and hired an airplane to bring in supplies. Fuel supplies are running low north of Watson Lake. (Watson Lake is the first town in the Yukon after the Alaska Highway goes north out of British Columbia.

All of this information made it really easy to choose to stay here in Prince George for at least one more day. John is still feeling yucky, so this gives him more time to get well. We'd rather be here waiting, with stores and lots of things to do when he feels better, than being stuck in a small town for several days and running out of food and fuel.

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  1. You are now farther north than I have been. Prince George sounds like a good ideas until the road opens again. I wonder how often that happens.