Monday, June 11, 2012

Alaska -- Day 26

Today we took advantage of being in BC's fourth largest city, Prince George, and took the truck to have the tires rotated at Kal-Tire, a Firestone dealer, and the oil changed at the local Chevy dealer. We passed through Prince George twice on our first trip to Alaska, and obviously, we had the truck serviced one of those times. We were already a customer in the Chevy dealer's system, even though our address has changed and we have a different truck.

The rest of the day, John rested. He doesn't feel good and is having sinus problems. I spent time on the computer, went for a walk, and signed us up for another day. Either we will explore Prince George tomorrow, or John will rest some more to get well. We talked to the neighbors, who also are going to Alaska.

Tonight, it is raining. We have enjoyed the sunshine of the past two days. We discovered the rain in Jasper leaked into the bedroom slide. Hopefully, this rain won't last as long and the leak won't return.

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  1. I know how John feels, I'm having the same sinus problems. Hope it passes soon for both of us!