Monday, June 18, 2012

Alaska -- Day 33

Three with one blow. Well, maybe three repairs in one day would be more correct. Yesterday our drive from Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson was very bumpy in places. As I began preparing dinner last night, I discovered the pan drawer beneath the refrigerator wouldn't open. When John finally got it open, we could see the pans had bounced enough to break out the drawer bottom. We have a rear kitchen in the RV and bumps are magnified back there.

After he got that open, we looked further. The bottom shelf of the can cupboard had torn loose, as well. Here is that shelf, after we got all the cans out.

John reassembled the drawer and today he glued it.

Here it is back together.

And here is the empty hole where the drawer belongs. It is really quite large.

This is the temporary storage for pans and cans. Obviously, it won't work when we are traveling.

This structure ought to hold the cans, don't you think?

After everything was cleaned up from these two jobs, there was one more thing to tackle. Yesterday while we were watching the grizzly bear, John put on the truck's emergency flashers and noticed that the right turn signal wasn't working. Today, that had to be examined. For those of you who know John, yes, he actually worked on the truck. And it was an electrical part!

Of course, the bulb broke when he was trying to remove it. Finally, we made a trip to NAPA for a new bulb--in fact, four new bulbs. We will be repaired when the other ones burn out.

The red reflector was replaced and guess what? The turn signal works! That is three repairs in one day.


  1. It's always a good day when you can do the repairs yourself! Been enjoying reading about your trip so far and hope you get more bear pics.

  2. What a handy guy! Especially good since you're in the middle of nowhere.

  3. It is so nice to have a handy man around!! Keep enjoying your trip...nice grizzly.