Friday, June 22, 2012

Alaska–Day 37

The travel today from Liard Lake Hot Springs to Tag’s RV in Watson Lake was uneventful.  We are now in Yukon Territory.  As a matter of fact, in two days we will cross the BC-Yukon border six times.


It is larger than life.  But the RV parks are often nothing to write home about.  Here we are in Watson Lake.  We are glad we knew what to expect.  That way we aren’t disappointed.


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Watson’s Lake’s claim to fame is the Signpost Forest.  In 1942, when the US Army was cutting through the Alaska Highway, soldiers started putting up signs indicating the distance from here to their home town.  Today (or maybe earlier this week when they counted the signs) there are 71, 725 signs there.  Here is a section of the forest.

Signpost Forest

At the visitor’s center in town we saw this motorcycle.  The rider has a very large dog on board.  When they travel, she closes the top.  At the rear, the dog can look out and has plenty of air to breathe. Be sure to click this photo to enlarge.


Fuel along the road today was expensive!  It was $1.669 a litre.  That means $6.32 a gallon.  At least we are getting good mileage—11 to 12 mpg towing.  It helps that we are only going 50 or 55 miles an hour.  The fuel cost puts real meaning behind this sign, which we saw pictured at the visitor’s center.


We saw a lot of smoke somewhere behind our RV park.  At the visitor’s center they said it was a wildfire, probably started by lightening.



  1. Did you see our plank at Watson Lake? Just Joking I am sure I will trouble to find it.
    Great trip and report.
    Thanks for publishing

  2. those sign posts are fun. I always say every town needs a hook.