Sunday, June 17, 2012

Alaska -- Day 32

Another long drive--280+ miles from Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson. First, the highlights. We saw lots of wildlife. A moose, several deer and a fox, none of which I took pictures of. However, I did capture this black bear along the side of the road.

And even better, we spent about 10 minutes watching and photographing this blond grizzly.

When he stood up, I wondered if I had gotten too close and strayed too far from the RV.

But, not to fear, he (she?) went right back to eating.

The scenery was beautiful. This is Mount Yakatchie.

There is lots of logging up here, which is no surprise. They also have a lot of oil and gas exploration. In fact, Fort Nelson has the largest natural gas processing plant in North America. We kept seeing signs like this, saying open camp. Some said dinner, some room and board.

Finally, we figured out they were temporary buildings that provide housing and meals for oil field workers. In Texas and other places we have seen RV parks set up for those workers.

We have seen quite a few electric poles with these orange and white stripes. I wonder what they mean?


  1. That's quite a shot of the grizzly! You be careful now.

  2. Great bear shots ,some see these only in a movie.