Sunday, June 10, 2012

Alaska -- Day 25

There are now photos in previous blogs.

Today we left Jasper, AB, at 8:15 for Prince George, BC. Very soon we crossed into British Columbia and Pacific Time so we gained an hour in our day. The highlight of the day was spotting this moose along the road. Moose and Caribou were on our must-see list for this trip, so now we are down to only one large animal. We would like to get a better look at a grizzly than we have had so far.

Driving along the Yellowhead Highway, Hwy 16, is a breeze. Smooth road, pretty good shoulders, frequent passing lanes and agreat scenery. A real contrast to Hwy 93 from Banff to Jasper, which looked smooth but was really bumpy.

Fuel prices in Alberta ranged from $1.05 to $1.27 a litre, meaning $4.04 to $4.84 a gallon. BC is a different story. Today we paid $1.32 a litre ($5.03 a gallon). the fuel tax in this province must be higher. In Prince George I saw a station charging $1.21 a litre ($4.58 a gallon). On the other hand, we got 12.67 mpg towing today and over 20 mpg not towing several days ago. I wonder if the US blend to reduce pollution is the reason we were getting 8 to 9.5 mpg towing before entering Canada.

I did laundry today and paid $1.50 a wash load and $1.50 a dryer load. Much better than in Banff!

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