Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Alaska -- Day 20

Tuesday we had a quiet, laid-back day for our 47th wedding anniversary. We went downtown to the Food Court that has free wifi and I spent about an hour posting two blogs and sending some email, while John checked email and read some blogs.

We then walked around looking at the shops, but not buying anything. We were looking for a place to have lunch. We ended up at the Elk and Oarsman Grill and Pub for fish and chips and a local lager beer. We enjoyed the meal and thought it was a good way to celebrate this special day. It is always good to be with my best friend, no matter what we are doing.

We also went to a post office to mail some post cards. I had some old 49 cent Canadian stamps from a previous visit to this country and wanted to know how much postage I had to add to mail each card. Post cards are first class mail here and it costs $1.05 to mail a letter to the US! Ouch. And would you believe they even charge tax on stamps? We think email will replace postcards till we get to Alaska.