Saturday, June 23, 2012

Alaska–Day 38

Today we had a short drive to Teslin.  The scenery was great.  When we weren’t seeing miles and miles of countryside covered with timber, we saw mountains.  These are the Cassier Mountains.

Cassier Mountains

We saw bear again.  We came on this one in the middle of the road.  As we approached, he decided to get out of the way.



We saw lots of graffiti.  But it didn’t mar our views.  Locals use rocks to write their initials or name or other things on the banks along the road.  In one place, I saw two martini glasses outlined with rocks.


Last week we learned that the road to Whitehorse was closed because of rock and mud slides after a storm.  Today we saw part of the damage and repair.  Here is a new bridge, not open yet.  We are driving on a temporary road, built up from local dirt, to the left.


Winter cold and snows cause a lot of potholes, as well.  Then the road crews remove broken pavement and put in gravel.  These orange and black signs warn of areas with loose gravel.

rough gravel road ahead

Teslin is a small town that grew up while crews building the Alaska Highway put in a bridge across Teslin Lake.  It hasn’t grown much in the last 70 years—population 450 today.  it certainly sits in a beautiful location.  Our RV park at the Yukon Motel is just to the left, out of the photo.

Teslin bridge and lake

Today we encountered MaryBeth and Earl, full-timers originally from Minnesota.  We have parked in the same campgrounds three of the last five places we have been.  This afternoon they stopped by our trailer to talk for a while.  I feel sure we will see them again as we make this journey.

Earl and Mary Beth

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  1. We too camped at Teslin Lake on the way to Alaska way back,great place,we even had 2 musicians singing one evening in the C.G they were barefooted but it was fun.