Friday, June 08, 2012

Alaska -- Day 23

There are so many beautiful places in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, it is difficult to decide what to do each day.  Today (Friday) we chose a drive and hike at Maligne (pronounced Maleen) Lake, about 40 miles from Jasper.  One of the tourist folders we picked up reads, "At the very top of the 'Must Do' list for Jasper National Park is a side trip to Jasper's icon, Malign Lake.  Located at an elevation of 6500 feet Maligne Lake sits at the head of the Maligne Valley and is the locale of a world-famous view, that of dimutive Spirit Island.  Maligne Lake, at 14 miles in length is the largest natural lake in the Candian Rockies."

We enjoyed the drive, and certainly the scenery.  We chose to go on a hike instead of taking the cruise on the lake—which apparently is how you see Spirit Island.  Our hike was on the two-mile Mary Schaffer Loop.  Mary was the first tourist to see the lake, in 1908.  With the help of a guide who gathered information from the local Indians, Mary reached the lake and floated the length on a raft.  It was pretty cool today and I was glad to hike along the shore, rather than go out on the water in a raft.
It really is a beautiful lake.  If there hadn't been a slight breeze, the photos would have been even better.


  1. You are in such a great place and the perfect time of year. I just love it up there.

  2. You're doing a great job documenting. Here's the shot you missed by not playing tourist.