Thursday, August 16, 2012

Alaska -- Day 92

Just when we thought we had seen all the beautiful mountain scenery Canada and Alaska had to offer, we drove the Haines Highway from Haines Junction in Yukon Territory to Haines, Alaska, on the Inside Passage. The trip took us from Yukon Territory to a small part of British Columbia into Alaska. The mountains are amazing.

So were the lakes. This is Dezadeash Lake.

We went over Chilkat Pass, elevation 3510 ft. But it reminded us a lot of driving over 12,183 ft. Trail Ridge Road in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park. The alpine environment here is just at a much lower altitude.

Very soon, however, we were back down in the forest.

And, of course, Colorado doesn't have glaciers.

When we came to the Chilkat River, we saw fish wheels.

This picture of tundra swan on a small lake has to be the prize of the day. I was looking through the side window, back over my shoulder.

Back on July 20, we visited Anchor Point, North America's most westerly highway point (see Day 65). Two days ago, we stayed in Beaver Creek, Yukon, Canada's most westerly community.

Today, as we pulled into our RV spot in Haines, the neighbors were showing off the salmon they caught here in Haines.

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