Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Alaska–Day 97

Many people have been on cruises, including Alaskan cruises.  These trips take you through the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska.  But that experience is very different from ours this week. A cruise ship has wonderful food—all included in the price.  Many of the cabins are spacious. There are lots of activities, lots of space to move around, exercise rooms, shopping.  Long stops in various ports provide extensive tour opportunities and lots of shopping opportunities, if you are looking for jewelry or art. Travel through scenic areas is done during daylight hours.

Riding the ferry, meals are not included.  However, we did bring a cooler and food tor breakfast and lunch.  We are eating dinner in the cafeteria each night—not as expensive as the dining room.  Since eating out is never high on our agenda, the cafeteria is just fine.  The Columbia does have a theater.  From the titles they showed yesterday, I think it is mainly entertainment for families with children.  The goal for the ferry is to get us from one point to another, so travel, and even stops for boarding and leaving are not times for convenience or the scenery.  Stops this trip in Juneau (the Alaska capital) and Petersburg were in the middle of the night.

When the ferry stopped in Sitka for a little under 2 hours today, we got off and went for a good hike in the rain forest. 





Aside from that, we can watch the scenery,



read, walk a few short hallways, nap.  One woman brought a sewing machine and is making short skirts.


A number of people are playing games.


Others are on their computers.  Obviously, I am too.  We only have internet when we are passing a town, but there are other things to do on them, as well.

Many people have ipads with cameras. This is one way they are used.


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  1. I didn't know Sitka had a rain forest. That looked like a really pretty hike. So I guess you can't just stay in the RV or even eat there.