Friday, August 24, 2012

Alaska–Day 100

We’re back in the Lower 48!  The Columbia arrived at the dock in Bellingham, Washington, right on time, at 8 am Pacific Time.  The ferry runs on Alaska Time, but when we drove off, we were in the Pacific time zone.

We drove 20 miles to Mount Vernon, where we parked and hooked up and started getting our refrigerator cold.  We drove to a nearby Walmart to restock an empty refrigerator and panty.  Since we buy way more than food there, we ended up spending over $300.  But the same items would probably have cost $100 more in Alaska or the Yukon (if we could even find them there).  So, it wasn’t too bad.

For the last week in Alaska, I cooked according to what we needed to use up, so it is nice to be restocked.

It feels good to be here, off the water, off the frontier, driving on good roads.  It is time to head for home.


  1. Great record of your trip. I've really enjoyed riding along from the lower 48. Welcome back!

  2. Welcome back to the lower states. I have really enjoyed your trip.

  3. Thanks so much for your blog. We have followed you the whole way hoping to understand the Alaska trip experience. Hope to make the trip in 2013.

    Would appreciate knowing what you would have done differently if you were to take the trip again when you get settled.

    1. We need a few days to think about the journey, then I will post one or two entries of reflections. Hope that will help.

  4. Welcome back to the lower...enjoyed following along.