Friday, August 31, 2012

Clear Skies and Another State

Today we entered yet another state, Utah. That is four this week. Driving into and across Idaho, we continued to have smokey skies.

During our 2-night stay in Boise, we were able to run (John) and walk (Carol) three miles each morning along the Boise River. It is a really neat trail through the woods

across the river

and along upscale neighborhoods.

The campground is right next to the fair grounds, which are very large, but old. I loved this sign.

We saw these cormorants above the river.

I don't often blog about the RV parks we stay in, especially those located behind a gas station. But the one we stayed in last night, Valley of Trees, was really special. The first photo is of our site. The driveway you see is for the next site over. Since no one parked there overnight, the second photo shows the view we had of the Valley of Trees between us and the gas station.

Today, as we drove from Declo, ID, to Brigham City, UT, the skies were smoke free but filled with a mix of clouds and sun. I really liked these clouds.

We saw very little evidence of wildfires today. Yesterday, we drove by mile after mile of burned sagebrush. We did see this hillside that had been burned.

In this photo, we couldn't decide if we were seeing smoke or irrigation sprinklers in the distance.

During our stay at Santa Ana NWR in Alamo, TX, early this year, we saw fields of onions being harvested. Today we saw this truckload of Idaho onions. Obviously, we have fresh produce year-round because different parts of the country raise fruits and vegetables at different times of the year.

Not only do they grow onions in this part of the country, they also raise cattle. This is the sign for Grants Range Bulls.

And that's no bull. It's plastic.

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  1. Hey! We're almost into Utah, although the eastern side. We're going to hit Dinosaur and Flaming Gorge, then visit Ron's son near Salt Lake City before heading south toward Mesa.