Friday, August 10, 2012

Alaska -- Day 86

You know how it is when you have a really good meal, and as much as you want to eat? You get full and don't want any more to eat, at least till later or tomorrow. The same can happen with other types of experiences. Well, we are full. We have seen so many wonderful sights, experienced so many things, been in so many interesting places, that we are full. We aren't eager to go see new things, go new places. It doesn't mean we are bored. Or tired of mountains and lakes and wildlife. But we are full. It will be a while before we seek out new places and sights.

That doesn't mean we didn't enjoy the scenery as we drove from Valdez to Glennallen today. Valdez was totally fogged in.

As we drove up and over Thompson Pass, we saw several waterfalls.

The top of Thompson Pass is at 2,678 ft, and yet it is above tree line and snow still lingers. What must it look like in winter? During the winter of of 1952-53, the pass received 974.5 inches of snow; 298 inches in the month of February alone.

The road north of Valdez passes by Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. The only road into the park is a very rugged dirt road, so we won't drive there. Four major mountains in the Wrangell chain can be seen from the road. Today we saw one. Since we couldn't see all of them, I don't know if it was Mount Drum, Mount Sanford, Mount Wrangell, or Mount Zanetti. All I know is, it is beautiful.

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