Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Alaska–Day 90

Today we left Alaska, at least mainland Alaska, and drove into Yukon Territory.  The border crossing was completely uneventful. “Let me see your passports, Where do you live?, How long will you be in Canada?, Will you be dropping anything off in Canada?  Have a good day.”   I’m glad I didn’t get rid of any fresh vegetables.  When we entered Alaska, I had to give them my tomatoes.  Then I drove to a grocery store and bought some more tomatoes from Mexico.  What is the issue?  Anyway, today it was easy and quick.

We spent 46 days in Alaska, after 32 days moving through Canada.  Since leaving Colorado May 17, we have driven 7,127 miles.  Most of that was towing the trailer, although we have probably driven 500 to 700 miles sightseeing without it.  We drove 2,748 miles in Alaska. Plus, we drove 1,838 miles between leaving Santa Ana NWR and leaving Colorado.

We have approximately 450 miles of driving between Tok and Haines.  Our ferry ride to Bellingham, Washington, will take three and a half days.  Even counting the four days we will spend in Haines, our trip from Tok to Washington will only take 10 days.  It may be expensive, but we are certainly glad we don’t have three weeks of driving to reach the border.

Today the road was very rough most of the way.  We saw frost heave, pavement breaks and gravel patches.  When John opened the refrigerator after we were parked, the orange juice container fell out and came open, spilling juice all over the kitchen.  Thank heaven the floor is vinyl, not carpet.  Two shelves in the door had come loose, as well as two regular shelves sliding out of place.  What a mess!

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