Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blogging the Journey

On May 17, we left Littleton, Colorado, headed for Canada and Alaska.  Friday, August 28, we drove off Alaska Ferry M/V Columbia in Bellingham, Washington.  Back in May I decided I would blog every day of our journey to Alaska and back.  I have done that.

We use the blog as our scrap book and get it printed in book form, with all the photos included, through a service called blog2print. We get a hard cover book and a downloadable copy, which I burn to a CD.  (You can never have too many backups.) For 2012, I intend to get one book printed on our Alaska journey, a second with blogs from the rest of the year.  The daily blog posts will be a great trip journal.

Many bloggers post every day.  After this experience, I have an even greater appreciation for what they do.  I enjoy blogging.  My college degree is in journalism, but I have done very little writing many of the years since then.  Since beginning this blog is 2006, I have really enjoyed using (and I hope improving) my skills.  It is fun.  I find myself looking at my world in terms of how I will blog about it.  I think in photo captions and blog titles.

However, over the 100 days between May 17 and August 24, I began to feel real pressure to get the daily blog done.  Each afternoon or evening I had to download dozens, sometimes hundreds of photos from our two cameras, decide which ones belong in the blog, then put the blog together.  When we were without internet, I learned to use Microsoft Live Writer so I could do the blog and then publish it later.

All of this explanation is to explain why I will continue to blog, but the posts won’t be done every day. 

Yesterday, we drove from Mount Vernon to Ellensburg, WA.  We are staying in a KOA, something we rarely do any more.  They are often more expensive than other parks and they usually attract families with children.  We prefer adult parks.  However, when we checked, we decided this was our best choice here.  Tomorrow, we think we will head to Pendleton, Oregon.

The temperatures here are the warmest we have seen all summer.  Finally, shorts weather!  The high temp yesterday was 85 and today it is supposed to get to 90. 

During this journey, we have had incredible good luck (we’ve been blessed) to get good views of Mt. McKinley and the volcanoes Mt. Redoubt and Mt. Iliamna west of Homer and Ninilchik.  Yesterday, we got a quick peek of Mt. Rainier.  That is unusual, too.  Because of the route we were driving and all the tall trees, I never got a good photo, but we did see it.


  1. It was fun following your Alaska journey. That took a lot of work to post every day, especially having to go through so many photos.

  2. I'm impressed that you did blog every day. It will make a wonderful book. I know what you mean about thinking in photo captions. I chuckle to myself and then half the time don't use it anyway as it just doesn't fit into the flow. Once again, good job and I really enjoyed following along.

  3. It was great to meet the two of you and hope to catch up again in the future. Thanks for the blogging too!