Sunday, August 05, 2012

Alaska -- Day 81

Valdez is an interesting town, surrounded by beautiful mountains and Prince William Sound. We had a quiet day and spent some time walking around the town--bundled up against the clouds, high humidity, and 54 degree temperature at noontime. First we went to the small boat harbor.

In addition to all the boats floating in the harbor, we saw several in dry dock, being cleaned, remodeled, painted. Some are pretty good size.

Valdez is all about fishing. So we see lots of signs like these.

And boats going out to catch fish.

This is how they mow the lawns in Valdez.

Kayaks are pretty and colorful.

I learned something new, reading this sign.

And this one.

These gulls were waiting for something to eat. They would get a meal as soon as someone started cleaning fish.

John took this really neat photo of the entrance to the small boat harbor.

You don't see this every day (and thank heavens, we don't either). It is a dirty pile of snow, left over from last winter's storms.

This impressive 30 ft high carving of an American Indian is Indian Statue #40 by Peter "Wold" Toth. He has done a total of 70 "Whispering Giants" in all 50 states, Canada and Hungary.

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