Sunday, August 12, 2012

Alaska -- Day 88

This is our third night at Tolsona Wilderness Campground, Glennallen. I have really enjoyed our stay, especially today. I described this campground in my post for Day 78. Today was sunny and warm and I didn't have a whole lot to do. I enjoyed sitting outside, looking for birds to photograph, spending time trying different settings on my camera. Most of all, I enjoyed sitting quietly and listening to Tolsona Creek flow past.

We spend most of our time in commercial campgrounds and it isn't often we are parked next to a stream and not often it is quiet enough I could even hear a stream like this. It was a time to be treasured.

We leave here tomorrow, spend one more night in mainland Alaska, then three nights in Yukon Territory. We will be in Haines, Alaska, in Southeast Alaska, for four nights. Next will come a ferry ride and this wonderful summer in Canada and Alaska will be over. It has been quite a journey--a wonderful journey.

The day we arrived here, John noticed one screw on the RV exterior was loose and he tightened it. He decided that today he would check as many of the screws as he could find to see if any more needed tightening. He did find one storage door fastener that was loose. It if had gotten worse, he would have had to crawl through the basement storage from the other side to open that door. Luckily, he found the problem before it got that bad.

He also had made a note to check the 5th wheel hitch in the truck. Why? He had never worried about that in the past. It's good he checked. One of the four anchors holding the hitch to the truck had come unfastened. The bolt was still there and he put it back in place. He couldn't find the cotter pin that holds it in place, but he removed the one that holds the front license plate in the front hitch receiver and used that to secure the bolt. Whew! Glad he found that. God was certainly looking out for us there.

This is the only bird picture I took today. The gray jay came to see what I was doing.

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