Monday, July 23, 2012

Alaska–Day 68

As we left the Scenic View RV park, our neighbors, Ken and Rosie, gave us two beautiful salmon filets. Ken has been doing a lot of fishing during their Alaska sojourn. We are delighted and know we will enjoy them. Thanks!
We have seen lots of people fishing the rivers here on the Kenai Peninsula and seen a fair number of vehicles with large round dip nets or gill nets on the top or back end. I thought I had a picture of one of those nets, but I can’t find one.  It wasn’t until today when we checked into the Diamond M Ranch RV Park in Kenai that we realized the huge impact of Alaska’s allowing all resident households to fish with those nets for sock-eye or red salmon at this time of the year.
We had a difficult time getting up to the office to check in today because of the traffic jam at one of the fish-cleaning stations. Just look at all these folks with coolers cleaning fish about 1:30 this afternoon.
I was just amazed when I saw these 3 large barrels of the leftovers after the fish are gutted and filleted.  The birds or bears will be delighted wherever these barrels are dumped.
Here are a few fish during the cleaning process.
If you take a look at this one RV site, you see the coolers as well as the waders hanging to dry after the morning fishing.  Alaska residents are allowed to catch 25 salmon for the head-of-household and 10 more for each family member.  Here is a link to the regulations for several locations here on the peninsula.

I saw some other interesting sights in the RV park while I was walking back and forth to do the laundry.
They have several llamas and some pigs in an area called the Pasture.
I suggested to these folks that they might find it easier to put the tent on the ground and get inside of it, rather than carrying it around.
You don’t want to hear about John’s attempt to repair our toilet this afternoon.  Trust me, you don’t want to hear.
PS:  the toilet still doesn’t work right.


  1. That's a lot of salmon! So now it's the toilet - bummer. That could be a real problem.

  2. I agree, that's a lot of salmon, I'm surprised the gulls and eagles are not there. the pics are great