Friday, July 13, 2012

Alaska -- Day 58

After doing our weight training, we drove about 85 miles from Talkeetna to Palmer. It was an easy drive with very little traffic until we got near Wasilla. We are getting close to Anchorage and there are lots of people around.

I don't remember this area from our last trip, but Palmer is in a beautiful setting, with mountains as a backdrop. I read on the internet this may be the coolest July on record for Anchorage. Some of the mountains apparently have fresh snow. We can't tell.

Tomorrow we will get the pressure sensor on one of our tires replaced at the Chevrolet dealer in Wasilla--about 10 miles away. That and some grocery shopping will be it for the day, except some RV cleaning. No tourist plans until we move on to Anchorage proper on Sunday.

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