Sunday, July 29, 2012

Alaska -- Day 74

We had another quiet day at home in our trailer. After lunch we did drive into Seward to look around the small boat harbor. There are lots of small boats, ranging from commercial fishing boats to sail boats to small pleasure boats.

We walked down one dock, where we saw mostly sail boats.

This one looked especially nice.

This one appears to have been named after John's oldest sister, Kendal.

And this one comes from our home state, Colorado. I wonder how it reached the body of water it sail on to Seward?

We saw several boats carrying kayaks.

We spotted these beautiful lilies around some of the shops.

Eight years ago we returned from a salmon fishing cruise and stood next to our catch right here. Today, John wondered where our fish went. Oh, that's right, we didn't go fishing.

We had parked near the Icicle Seafoods processing plant and, when we returned to the truck we saw them bringing in today's catch. I think the fish came from one or both of these boats.

Somehow, the fish get from the boats to this area. Most of them go on a conveyer belt into the top box-like area you see here.

The fish are then dumped into the carts below.

A few fish from each area continue on the conveyer belt, down to the man you see in the corner of the photo before the photo above.

He cuts out the brain of the fish. Tests on the brain can determine if the fish are farm raised or wild salmon, apparently.

It is all very interesting.

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  1. So are you going to be towing a boat behind the fifth wheel?