Sunday, July 15, 2012

Alaska–Day 60

Today we drove 44 miles to Anchorage.  It has rained most of the day.  Not really hard, but steady enough we didn’t want to be out walking around.  To get some exercise, we drove to the Dimond Mall (yes, that is spelled correctly).  Malls are a great place to walk in bad weather.  Unfortunately, most new mall construction isn’t enclosed.  They are building “life style” malls that resemble the old main streets.  Oh well.

This mall has lots of familiar stores.  But it is also a major entertainment venue, with movie theaters, arcades and an ice rink.

Dimond Mall skating rink

I have started making reservations for the next leg of our journey.  When we visited Alaska 8 years ago, I didn’t make reservations very often.  But several days ago I called to reserve a spot for tonight and the park didn’t have any space available until July 22. Yikes!  I had work to do.  Yesterday and today I made reservations through July 28.  Despite all the rain and the fact that Anchorage is experiencing their coldest July ever, Alaska is obviously having a knockout summer tourist season. 

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  1. That ice skating rink looked very inviting!!! I'd be out on the ice if I were there...