Saturday, July 14, 2012

Alaska -- Day 59

We walked around the campground early this morning and were delighted to see that Harry and Marilyn, friends and distant relatives from Iowa, were in the same campground. We knew they are part of an RV caravan to Alaska, but didn't know they would be here today. We have a short visit before they pulled out.

Last week we had the valve stem replaced in one of our truck tires because we were losing air pressure. Today we drove to Wasilla Chevrolet to get the proper Chevy pressure sensor and valve stem installed. We also bought a new air filter since we drove through so much dirt and dust in Yukon.

Then we shopped at Walmart. They sell items here in Alaska we haven't seen in the lower 48--like a gold panning kit, fish cold storage boxes, and game cleaning tables. They really are stocked for the local market.

The rest of the day we took it easy, did some cleaning, and relaxed.

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  1. I got caught up on your wanderings today. Sounds like y'all are having a blast. Wonderful train ride and nice wildlife. It was great you were able to see the mountain!!