Saturday, July 21, 2012

Alaska -- Day 66

Most of the morning it was foggy and rainy, including during our drive to Homer, making for some interesting pictures.

The tide was out when we reached the small boat harbor, creating a very long boat ramp and a lot of steps down to the boat slips.

We planned to do some bird watching. We did see some gulls


We also saw some bald eagles and a sea otter, but none of the pictures were worth sharing. We saw so many other interesting sights, however, that the trip was definitely worthwhile.

Both of these fellows caught small halibut at the same time.

There were a lot of people fishing from the shore and others cleaning their catch.

We walked by an old boat graveyard with lupine growing around the decaying shells.

We visited a farmers' market and a marine Gear Shed with interesting items for sale. We saw a wood-sided motor home, pretty flower baskets and wooden fish.

The decorations in front of many of the shops on the Homer Spit were very attractive. One tent camper had a stone wall as a wind break. And I think we saw a tsunami alert siren. Can anyone identify the tall item with white disks in the middle of this collage? We saw several along the water front.


  1. I just took some time to catch up on your Alaska adventure. Your pictures are wonderful and Alaska with mountain, forest, sea and wildlife give you lots of subjects. With the drought down here I am please to see there is lush moist countryside somewhere.