Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Alaska -- Day 63

Wow! That is about all I can say about today. We saw great scenery, then we arrived at our RV park just north of Ninilchik (which is a little north of Homer) and found we are in the best site with the most incredible views.

This is a little better idea of what we see out our front window. This is Mount Redoubt.

And this is Mount Iliamna.

Both are volcanoes on the other side of Cook Inlet. Mount Redoubt last erupted in April 2009. Mount Ilianma has a 10,013 foot summit. No recent activity has been recorded, except numerous rather small earthquakes, some with a magnitude of three.

You can understand why we enjoyed an adult beverage outside, enjoying the view.

We can see fishing boats on the inlet and a young bald eagle flew by at about eye level. Friday we will be out there, on the water, fishing for halibut.

Part of the trip today, we followed the Kenai River. The sockeye or red salmon are running up the river so there are all sorts of fishermen out, standing along the river and in boats.

As we drove south from Anchorage, the scenery was marvelous. We saw the Spencer Glacier.

This may be Blueberry Mountain.

And another great mountain view.

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  1. Now that's what I picture when I think of Alaska. Beautiful!