Saturday, July 28, 2012

Alaska --Day 73

After 7 1/2 hours sightseeing on a boat yesterday, today seemed like a good day to stay home, do fairly ordinary things. After we did our weight training, I did one load of laundry. I would have done more, but people there ahead of me said the washers didn't spin well and things were pretty wet when they went into the dryer. Plus, it was $2.50 to wash, $2.50 to dry. We will return to Anchorage on Tuesday and I can do the rest of the wash then, at lower prices.

We have been having issues with the slide, so Thursday I called Lippert, who built the slide mechanism. When I told them what had been done so far--spraying with lithium white grease--and the fact it still squeaks, they said, "Oh no, don't use any kind of grease. Use WD-40, even oil. Not grease." So, I asked for suggestions for cleaning off the grease.

Today, John climbed under the slide and spent over an hour scraping and wiping the grease off.

It was messy. In addition, two loose dogs, both yellow labs, came over to check him out. He had to just be friendly. What else do you do when sitting on the ground under your RV? The "nice" doggies smelled him, then wandered off. Thank God.

Wednesday, we have an appointment in Anchorage at a Keystone-affiliated dealer to have the slide checked out. Hopefully, that will at least get us down to the lower 48 before we need major repairs.

The rest of the day, we relaxed, read, did computer work. Ordinary things that don't require taking anything new into our brains. We set out to spend our summer in Canada and Alaska. Today, we spent time doing as little as possible.

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