Sunday, July 22, 2012

Alaska–Day 67

On our way to fuel the truck, we drove to the beach near the Village of Ninilchik.  We saw a lot of people out clamming.


We thought it would be interesting to watch them at work.  However, that meant crossing the rocks, water and mud between us and them.


Look at the footprints through the mud.  Many people were wearing high rubber boots.


We saw one fellow who was walking in the mud and he walked right out of it!  He was forced to walk several steps in one boot and one sock before he could retrieve the boot and put it back on.  Here is is, carrying the sock as he makes it back to his vehicle.


One young person decided walking barefoot was the best way to get through the muck.  A trash bag doubles as a rain coat.


Since we weren’t wearing rubber boots (we don’t own any) and we didn’t want to go barefoot, we decided to wait for someone to come back to the shore where we could look at the clams.  Some people dig with a special shovel, others use a tube like this.  These are the razor clams dug with that tube.


Clams are dug while the tide is out.  Here are the boats in the Ninilchik River, obviously waiting for the tide to come in before they can sail out into Cook Inlet.


We spotted another eagle in a tree.


This gull seemed to like modeling for the camera.  I think it is a glaucous-winged gull


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