Sunday, July 01, 2012

Alaska -- Day 46

We had a really short drive today, 108 miles from Tok to Delta Junction. John celebrated Eucharist, then we packed up in the rain. The road was good--wonder why Alaska's roads don't have the frost heave issues of the roads in Yukon.

It is hard to believe, but the sun will set tonight at 12:09 am and rise again at 3:27 am. That is only 3 hours 18 minutes of night. No wonder things grow well here, despite the short summer. There is so much light. I wonder how the animals cope, especially those that are nocturnal.

It stopped raining about the time we arrived in Delta Junction. Tomorrow we will see the sights here. Today we hung around the RV, walked around the park some, and John bought some diamond willow branches from the campground owner. He hopes to make more walking sticks. I love the one he made for me.

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