Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Alaska -- Day 49

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

We are in Fairbanks, Alaska, the furthest north we will go on this trip. The sun rises at 3:19 am, sets at 12:15 am. In case you are interested, this is what the Alaska sunset looked like at 12:44 this morning.

This morning we visited Santa Claus House and then watched the North Pole 4th of July parade. The murals on the outside of Santa Claus House are great.

Do you know how many shopping days you have before Christmas? Just subtract one day from what you see here.

There used to be an RV park right next to Santa’s house. It has been turned into a craft market. Maybe street signs like this didn’t sell to the RVers.

There are two military bases nearby—Eielson Air Force Base and Wainwright Army Base. This group of air force led the parade. Several candidates running in the fall elections were represented.

The VFW float was named most patriotic. A group of motorcycle riders came along just before the parade began. they included this father and son.

We love local parades. You see the most interesting people.

How about these roller derby girls.

All morning, we watched these little girls, who didn’t know each other before the parade, playing and enjoying the day.

The local fire departments were the last units in the parade. This truck extended its hydraulic water snorkel, at times shooting water into the air—and down on the folks watching the parade.

 Jets from the Air Force base performed a flyover at the downtown Fairbanks parade. We didn’t see that, but we did see them returning to their base.

We are so proud to be Americans and grateful to live in this wonderful country.

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