Thursday, May 24, 2012

Alaska -- Day 8

We see the darndest things as we visit RV parks around the country. These are two of the units here in Helena. Some people always have a message to share on their t-shirts. The people who parked next to us last night had messages all over their RV, as well as on their t-shirts. And this was the first time I have seen an RV with a wood stove!

We visited the Montana State Capitol building today, then the Montana History Museum. Some government buildings have lots of security in place at each entrance. Not in Helena. We walked right in to the beautiful building, constructed in 1899. this is the view as we walked up the wide stone steps to the main level.

And a close-up of the stained-glass window from the last photo.

This mural was across the rotunda.

And this is the view out the front side of the building.

I took this looking straight up into the dome of the building.

As we walked from the Capitol to the museum, we saw these pretty bleeding hearts in a garden.

We spent time in the museum, trying to learn more about life in Montana Territory between 1865 and 1870 when John's great-great-grandfather was here. When we looked at this photograph, which was taken here in Helena 10 years after he came, we got a glimpse of how primitive his life must have been.

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