Wednesday, May 09, 2012

An RV is wonderful. We live in it and we can travel all over the country in it. But taking it along to go grocery shopping and sightseeing is very difficult. That is why we decided we really needed to get the front landing jack repaired. Since we are headed north to Colorado and beyond, and since the jacks were installed a year ago at Aloha RV in Albuquerque, NM, we decided this was the place to have the problem taken care of. We were very pleased with their service and their work last year. First thing, they had to take the RV off of our truck.

After Anthony got a jack under that side of the trailer, we were ready to unhitch and pull out with the truck.

Mark, the same service writer we worked with a year ago, was out there checking to see everything went as it should.

So, how to fill the day? First stop was the Albuquerque Zoo. They had a number of peacocks. I didn't get a good photo of the tail, but isn't the head a gorgeous shade of blue?

After spending three months at Santa Ana talking about the wildcats in southeast Texas, we were interested in this Jaguar, which no longer roams Texas.

This polar bear was pacing back and forth on a short piece of wall next to his swimming pool. It looked like he was trying to get his daily 10,000 steps right there.

This is an animal we had never heard of, much less seen. It is a capycara, a large rodent from South America.

Next we walked around downtown Albuquerque, especially down Central, which is the old Route 66. Loved the Indian head and the Kress sign. How long has it been since you've shopped in Kress's?

The decoration on this building is really impressive.

Once we get back on the road, we now know we only have 446 miles till we can spend some time with family.

This is where we were parked for the night. The folks at Aloha were nice enough to put some water in our tank and let us plug into electricity. RV repair facilities that provide the amenity really help out their customers, don't they? It is great, even if the ambiance isn't what we would normally look for.

This was the view out our front window.

Hopefully, they will complete all our repairs today and we can resume our drive north. We will have a new skylight dome and a new front jack and the damage from the tire blowout will be repaired. And most of it is covered by our National Interstate RV insurance. If only the new tires had been covered as well.

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