Saturday, May 19, 2012

Alaska -- Day 3

Part II:

Sheridan, WY, has been hosting a major trade show for leather workers the past week. It makes sense, since King Saddlery is located here. They have been making exquisite saddles for Western riders for years. We visited Kings today and I blogged about it when we were in Sheridan three years ago. John carves wood, not leather. But it was interesting to see the people who attend the show and what is offered for sale.

I was amazed to see the many kinds of hides and pelts available to people who do leather-working and make western items. You can click on the collage to see the images better.

Our son Doug did leather-working one year in 4-H, many years ago. It was really interesting to see the variety of tools available to do that kind of artistry.

Many of the men attending the show were wearing great hats and sometimes carved leather items.

And look at this vest.

These are wooden guns that leather workers can buy so they can make sure the holsters they make will fit the right weapon.

Stirrups can be covered with decorated leather.

I have always used a Singer sewing machine and my mother once worked for the Singer company. I think this machine was made back when she worked there before I was born.

There were all kinds of sewing machines for working on leather. I'll bet men use them as often as women do.

All in all, it was a very interesting day.

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