Sunday, May 06, 2012

Home, Home In the West

We are home.  What does that mean, since we are not even in Colorado?  We are at a high(er) altitude, 5300 ft, where the sky is a deeper blue and the air is dry.  Did I tell you the humidity is low?  As a matter of fact, for the past two days we have seen humidity at times as low as 9 to 12%.  It isn't muggy.  We have lived most of our lives in the arid west and it is good to get back here.

We left Roswell, NM,  at 8:30 this morning and drove through miles and miles of flat, nearly barren land.  We saw lots of cholla cactus, some antelope--technically pronghorn.  Some areas had lots of oil wells pumping and big collections of oil storage tanks.  

Then, as we climbed to about 4,000 feet and higher we began to see pinon and juniper trees and rolling hills, even small mountains.  

Tonight we are in Albuquerque.  We were actually able to sit outside for our cocktail hour this evening.  And we haven't put on bug spray for several days.  Home--which means the west, especially Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.



  1. Funny, although we lived in the east until we started fulltiming, when we got back into New Mexico we felt like we were home again, too. We just love the low humidity and deep blue skies. And the lack of bugs is a huge plus! As much as we liked it there, we are having second thoughts about going back to the RGV next winter. It will most likely be the last time.
    Hope you get all your repairs done so you can continue on your way to AK.
    Some friends of ours are on their way now. Here's the blog link if you're interested.

  2. I know what you mean about the West feeling like home. Gosh, you guys are having some problems, though. Get that all out of the way before you hit Canada! :-)