Saturday, May 19, 2012

Alaska -- Day 3

Part I:

We had an easy drive today, from Casper to Sheridan, Wyoming. It rained overnight, but we had partly cloudy skies today. As we were getting ready to hook up and leave, two neighbors stopped to talk. The man from the RV next door is part of the oil and gas activity in the area. The man from another rig wanted to know where we are headed. He and his wife are headed for Yellowstone National Park, where she will be working for a concessionaire. We enjoy it when people are friendly and open as we live on the road.

Eastern Wyoming is subject to severe blizzards and blowing snow. It is not unusual to see the interstate highway closed. We saw a lot of evidence of that, with frequent signs like this:

and gates to keep drivers off the road.

We passed more than a dozen red trucks headed south on I-25. We don't know where they are headed, but on one stretch of the highway where there was road construction, we were driving close to the southbound vehicles and learned they belong to Halliburton, which provides equipment for oil exploration. The equipment must be moving to a new drilling site.

We saw pronghorn and elk as we drove north, in addition to sheep and a lot of cattle.

Once we were settled in Sheridan, we went to see a leather-work trade show. More on that in the next blog.

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