Friday, May 18, 2012

Alaska Trip - Day 2

After walking (me) and running (John) three miles, we left Cheyenne about 9:15 for an easy 185 miles to Evansville, just outside Casper, WY. We saw miles and miles of snow fence on the open country-side.

Often the landscape was brown, until there is a river or creek. Then we saw green grass and trees.

I-25 isn't very busy in Wyoming, which is a good thing when wide loads like this pass by. Each load had pilot cars in front and in back. That means there were nine drivers and nine trucks to move the three loads of something.

We passed three more roadside sculptures: a dinosaur, an Indian on his horse, and a jackalope.

More than once as we drove on the interstate in Wyoming, we wondered why Lady Bird Johnson's campaign to screen junk yards never caught on in this state. This is the worst example we saw today.

Wherever these folks are going, I wanted to follow them.

This statue is located where we came off the highway to reach our RV park. As you can guess, there is a lot of oil drilling going on around here. We have seen Halliburton equipment yards and a pipe manufacturing plant in the one mile we drove off the highway.

We were glad we called ahead for a reservation. River's Edge RV and Cabin Resort is almost full, mostly with local workers. It is new and has good wifi, but certainly isn't fancy or anything like a resort. Only two spaces were available after we parked at 12:30 pm.

Yesterday I wrote that I would be posting photos in a slide show during this trip, making it easier to post when we had limited internet access. I do this blog for two main reasons, to let family and friends know where we are and what we are doing, and to provide a record of our RV travels. At the end of each year, I have the year's posts made into a book. It replaces the scrapbooks we used to keep. John reminded me that photos in a slideshow don't print in the book. So I will go back to the way I usually post.

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