Thursday, May 17, 2012

Alaska Trip Day 1

We left our great campground site at Chatfield State Park about 10 am. We only had a drive of 114 miles to the Terry Bison RV Park just two miles into Wyoming. A wildfire is burning northwest of Ft. Collins and the sky there was full of smoke.

Each time we drive on I-25 we are struck with the fact that the entire Colorado Front Range, from south of Colorado Springs to north of Ft. Collins, is developed. There is lots of traffic. After the miles of development and farm fields, we passed an interesting rock formation. Next the buffalo statue on the hill came into view.

We saw the sign for Terry Bison Ranch, where we are staying. Next, we were welcomed to the State of Wyoming. We enjoy driving through this state. As we approached the RV park, we saw a herd of buffalo (it is the Terry Bison Ranch, after all) and then some pronghorn (commonly known as antelope).

At our exit off the interstate, there are three fireworks stores. Colorado severely limits what fireworks can be sold in the state, but Wyoming is less restricted. So these stores just 2 miles into the state sell a lot to people from Colorado. the stores aren't exactly what I want as neighbors at night. This park gives 50% off to Escapees and Passport America members, so we only paid $19. It isn't fancy, but it will do for an overnight stay.

I plan to blog every day of our trip to Alaska. I'm not sure we will always have an internet connection to post the blogs, but I hope to write about each day's travel and adventures. Slideshows like I am using today will make it easier to post the pictures in a hurry when we do have internet access.

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