Sunday, May 31, 2015

La Fonda Celebration

The La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe is a place we really enjoy and where we go to have lunch whenever we are in the city. Yesterday, we went there to celebrate my birthday. The actual date is today, but we didn't know how many Santa Fe stores would be open on Sunday, so we drove there yesterday.

For lunch, I had chili rellenos.

And John ordered beef enchiladas.

The restaurant is right off the hotel lobby and you can look down on it from the mezzanine.

This a view from looking in from the lobby.

There are great windows around most of the space that have each pane painted with a different design.

Earlier in the month we toured the La Posada hotel in Williams, Arizona. The La Fonda, too, was once a Fred Harvey hotel owned by the Santa Fe Railroad. It isn't as old as La Posada, however. There has been an inn (or "fonda") on the Santa Fe Plaza since 1607. But the current La Fonda was built in 1922 on the site of previous inns. In 1925 is was acquired by the Santa Fe and leased to Fred Harvey. In 1968, it came under local ownership.

We enjoyed looking around the hotel. This is the front desk.

Seating next to the bakery has these copper pans hanging from the ceiling.

Here is a light hanging over a stairway.

These paintings are found in a hallway.

A beautiful fireplace.

Even the restrooms are lovely.

What a great place to celebrate turning 72!


  1. Happy birthday! Santa Fe is a lovely place.

    Next time we're there we'll try La Fonda. We're always up for a good meal. Thank you for the recommendation.

  2. Happy Birthday,the food looks tasty and the surroundings are very nice.
    All the best.