Friday, May 08, 2015

Flowers and Sculpture

Even though it is early Spring at the 7,000 ft. altitude here in Flagstaff, we saw quite a few flowers during our visit to the arboretum. A few of the blooms were outside.

Others were inside the greenhouse where they are propagating plants they can put out when the weather and soil get a little warmer.

Part of the temperature control in the greenhouse was interesting. These water towers absorb heat from the air during the day and give out heat at night.

There was also an interesting sign in the greenhouse. Notice Flagstaff receives, on average, about twice the snow that Denver does

We also passed an area where they were starting native grasses. The ground is covered with ground cloth, probably to both keep out weeds and warm the soil for faster growth.

The garden areas also had a number of sculptures that were interesting.  At the visitor center they had a listing of the sculptures and the price of each, "in case you have an extra $1,000 or so to spend."

We even found one carved wood statue.

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