Sunday, May 03, 2015

An Almost Grand Day

Saturday, we rode the train to the Grand Canyon. The shuttle from our RV park left at 8:30 to take us to the station, where we picked up our tickets and then we were directed to the wild west show, put on by the Cataract Creek Gang. It wasn't long before the fellow who had 5 aces in his poker hand faced the six-shooter of another player.

While we were walking to this show, we heard an announcement that the steam engine that was supposed to pull the train was broken down. Darn! The train was pulled by an ordinary diesel engine.

We learned later that the engine's dynamo--a generator--failed and the engine can't operate without it. We would have loved to see the steam engine in use, but it didn't ruin our day. Today we checked the weather and it turns out yesterday was the nicest day at the Grand Canyon of all the time we are here in Williams.  It was good we made the trip yesterday, even without the steam engine.

After the train was underway, we had some entertainment by a cowboy singer. Note, he plays the guitar and also has a harmonica.  There was another singer during the return trip.

After a two-hour ride through open fields and ponderosa forests, we arrived at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Our first stop was the El Tovar hotel dining room. Our view during lunch was sure nothing to complain about.

You really have to visit the canyon to grasp the grandeur of God's creation there. Here are a few pictures that hint at what there is to see.

We had plenty of time to get in our daily five-mile walk before it was time to board the train again. But first, we watched a Native American dancer.

During our south-bound trip, three members of the Cataract Creek Gang rode up next to the train and made the engineer stop.

The bandits went looking for money and jewelry to steal from the passengers.

You certainly see all sorts of people on a tourist train. I really wondered what this fellow (yes, it is a guy) was about with this fancy hat.

Also during the return trip, we spotted elk and pronghorn. We had also seen a California condor souring above the canyon rim.


  1. The train looks like a fun way to visit the GC.
    We're planning to visit the north rim for the first time this summer.

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