Thursday, May 21, 2015

Good Eats

A must stop every time we spend time in Gallup in Genaro's Cafe, where we always get good Mexican food.

First,they brought a basket of nicely salted chips with salsa.

John had the beef burrito plate.

I ordered the stuffed sopapilla.

We were asked if we wanted red or green chili with our meals. We both said, "mild." The waitress responded, "red, on the side." I was glad that is how it was served. I found it too hot and used very little; John enjoyed it and used almost all of his.

When we paid our check as we left the restaurant, the young cashier asked if we like the chili sauce. I said it was too hot, John said it was great. She said, "I don't eat it. It's all too hot for me."

Only in Gallup, self-proclaimed Indian Capital of the World, there is a sign at the front door, "No vendors on Saturday." We were in the restaurant Tuesday and several Indians came by offer to sell jewelry. I imagine the restaurant is so busy on Saturday, they can't handle the vendors, too. We had shopped at Walmart on the previous Saturday and it was packed with folks who had come in from the nearby Navajo and Zuni reservations to shop. The store was much less crowded on Wednesday.

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  1. Looks great,we will make a note of that.
    Starting our 14th RV summer trip in a week,
    Hope to meet you guys.