Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Grand Old Place

La Posada Hotel was the last and most elegant of the Fred Harvey Hotels built by the Santa Fe Railroad. Built between 1927 and 1930, it is a must stop when you visit Winslow, Arizona. It was closed in 1959 and converted into offices. In 1997, to prevent the hotel from being torn down, it was purchased and restored to its former grandeur.

The grounds are really nice.

They even have a hay bale maze. We wondered if that was for visiting children.

There is a fabulous gift shop with many fine native craft items located off the lobby.

Look at the chandelier in the shop.

This hallway with iron doors is very interesting.

The hotel interior is decorated with many beautiful works of art. Here is a short movie of some of them.

We think this would be a great place for a short get-away sometime next fall or spring. We love old hotels.


  1. Oh, another Fred Harvey must be next to the depot.

  2. I never thought to tour the hotel. I thought the corner statue was it for Winslow.