Monday, August 25, 2014

Buffalo All Over

Right now, we are in Buffalo, Wyoming. We haven't seen any buffalo statues. We are both alumni of the University of Colorado--the Buffalos. Last week, we saw lots of buffalo in Custer State Park. And we also saw painted buffalo statues in downtown Custer, South Dakota. Let me share some of those with you.

Here you see both sides of one buffalo.

Two different kinds of presidential images. Below, two of the pictures have a blue cast.  I have no idea why.


  1. We enjoyed the buffaloes in that town and the little brewery too. :-)

  2. I always enjoy the painted statues. I like the first one best.

  3. We just stopped next to a Buffalo statue in Oklahoma.
    Had to replace my inverter...
    Will you be in Colorado Springs in Mid September?