Monday, August 04, 2014

Apostle Island Sea Caves

Today, we hiked the Lakeshore Trail in the Apostle Island National Lakeshore to view the sea caves. Tomorrow, we will see them from lake level during our cruise around the Apostle Islands. We expected to be walking at least within sight of Lake Superior, but the trail actually passes through dense forest. There is an impressive boardwalk for most of the first 7/10 of a mile. We later learned the boardwalk will be extended the entire 2 miles to the sea cave overlook.

There were what we believe are blueberries growing along the trail. I have never seen blueberries growing before, but they look right and we know they are ready to harvest in the area now.

Why the boardwalk, you might ask? This is why.

In the background of the above photo, you can see a stack of boards for the construction project.

This split rail fence keeps hikers from falling into the sea caves.

The 2-mile hike to where the caves are visible from the top is worth the effort.

We could see a number of kayakers on the lake below.

When the water is fairly calm, they can kayak into the sea caves.

The kayaks often launch at Meyers Beach, where we parked for the hike.

The park service even provides changing rooms for kayakers. That keeps the restrooms available to those who need the facilities.

After the hike, we drove to the small fishing village of Cornucopia. It has been home to lake fishing boats for decades. A few of the really old, abandoned boats, are still there.

I guess this is a row boat. It looks awfully heavy.

This cute building is next to the harbor there.

We really enjoyed our hike and exploring today and are looking forward to further adventures during our stay in Bayfield, WI.


  1. Love Bayfield. You are about 90 miles from us.. where will you be this weekend?

    1. We will be hiking south of Bayfield Saturday. Sunday we head to Hinkley, MN