Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Still a Good Deal

It has been 113 years since Ted and Dorothy Husted opened Wall Drug in South Dakota. To bring in customers driving to newly opened Mount Rushmore, they began advertising "free ice water." The store is also advertised with roadside signs along 650 miles of I-90 between Minnesota and Montana, like this one.

No longer just a drug store, Wall Drug in a one-block long collection of Western themed stores.

It is amazing what is for sale.  Who knew you could put "bling" on your boots?

There is even a chapel.

John caught me hanging out with this poker player.

I caught him with a couple of hussies.

There are even murals and stained glass panels over the entrances.

After their opening in 1931, the Husteds were passing out 20,000 cups of free ice water a day during the peak tourist season by 1981. And they still offer that free water.

It was a fun place to visit.


  1. Yep, an amazing place!

  2. I LOL'd at the picture of John with his hand on the hussy's leg . And he looks sooo innocent! I'll have you know I have a piece of boot bling from my country western dancing days.

  3. It was such fun watching all the billboards as we drove across that area of the country.