Friday, August 08, 2014

Another Happy Meeting

In May, while staying in a Corps of Engineers campground in Texas, we discovered that the couple next to us owned a funeral home, just like we did 30+ years ago. We had a good visit with them.

This week, we talked to the couple next to us here in the Apostle Islands Area Campground in Bayfield, WI. After learning they were retired, enjoyed RVing so much they had talked about going on the road full-time, and they loved hiking and biking, we gave them our card with our blog address. A little later, they brought their card over so we could see their blog. We already had a lot in common and from the blog, we learned the wife, Trish, is a retired Presbyterian minister. Since John is a retired Episcopal priest, we had a lot more to talk about.

If you look carefully at the words on their hats/visors, you will see Trish and Jack have a ministry to children being Santa and Mrs. Claus. Who would have guessed that Santas get together to share ideas on ways to relate better to children? Did you know that in Georgia (and, perhaps, other places) Santas are on call to visit ill children anytime during the year? We didn't, but were impressed with how much this might mean to a sick or dying child.


  1. We really enjoyed meeting you folks, as well, John and Carol! Safe and happy travels to you and hope our paths cross again in the future--and remember, when you share love, it's Christmas every day! HO!HO!HO!

  2. What fun to meet up and have so much in common!