Saturday, August 23, 2014

Exploring Custer State Park

Custer State Park in South Dakota is larger than many national parks and feels and looks like one. We feel really comfortable there because the scenery reminds us of Colorado.

We spent several days exploring the park. And what makes the park special is the wildlife. There are wild donkeys.

And donkey jams.

Pronghorn that are so used to people they are easy to photograph.

Mountain goats with their young and blocking the road.

And wild turkey.

But the best of all are the buffalo.

The previous photos are of buffalo bulls. In one location we saw a group of mammas and babies (they are cinnamon colored) walking across a valley.

One bull was not at all bothered about the people and cars nearby. This video shows him walking toward us, then going between the vehicles in the buffalo jam and rolling in the dirt on the other side of the road. What fun!

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  1. We didn't spend enough time in Custer SP. We need to go back.