Monday, October 01, 2012

Saturday, we visited John's sister and brother in Canon City. We had a very pleasant day visiting with John's sister Kendal and her husband John at their home. John's brother Tim and his wife Diane joined us there. They, too, live in Canon City. It has been quite some time since we saw either couple, and it was good to catch up. Every time the family gets together, we take family photos, usually outside the house were we get together.

Right before we left, Tim and Diane's daughter Megan and her husband Gabe stopped by for a few minutes with four of their five children. Andre, Jordan, Jarid and Victoria have really grown since we saw them last. We were sorry Devin couldn't come, too. I keep up with Megan's family on Facebook.

We had parked at Lake Pueblo State Park, about 50 miles east of Canon, so we could visit with the family. We had never been to that state park before. The campground is old with funky metal sunscreens shading the picnic tables. But I snapped some good photos there.

Sunday we headed south to the Hollywood Casino RV Park north of Albuquerque, NM. Now we are in Gallup, NM, waiting for the temperatures in Mesa, AZ, to cool down below 95 before we go there for the winter.

During our three-week stay in Colorado, we kept numerous appointments, ran lots of errands and had a wonderful time visiting with family and friends.

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