Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Old and the New

This is what our truck and trailer looked like last year.  Don't they look good together?

This is what our set up looks like today.

We bought a new truck last week!  Isn't it pretty?  We will really look like a silver streak as we drive down the highway.  

We discovered as we looked for a Chevy or GMC truck that they are in really short supply.  Visiting three dealers in the Phoenix area, this truck, painted silver ice, was the only one we found.  Apparently, after all of the lockdowns and isolating and stay-at-home orders because of the Covid 19 pandemic, people have been buying trucks so they can get out of town!  

We have only special-ordered one personal truck in the past.  Like now, we usually want a truck or car right now when we do decide to buy one.  AutoNation Chevrolet in Gilbert had this truck, we liked the color and we bought it.

When we brought it back to our house in Gold Canyon and backed up to the Airstream, we realized the truck sits a lot higher than the red one did, though both are 4-Wheel drive.  This truck is designed for off-road use so apparently, that means higher clearance.  That meant a trip to the Airstream dealer to get a new hitch for the truck.  As you can  see in the photo below, the hitch ball on the truck has to be at least 2 inches lower so we can tow the trailer level, as it is where we have it parked now.

For a few hours yesterday, we actually had another new car.  This was the loaner the dealer gave us while they installed a side step and bed cover on the truck and sprayed a bed liner and moved the toolbox from the old truck in the new silver truck.  The car was OK but it sure wouldn't tow the Airstream!

This is how the truck looks now, with the step installed.  Finally, I can get in the truck without a step stool or someone helping me!