Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Arizona weather

For the past week, the weather here in southern Arizona has been just beautiful--daytime temperatures mainly in the 80s, nights down to the 60s. It is comfortable to sit outside in the shade and easier to sleep at night. Last night, we didn't even need any air conditioning, just opened some windows and turned on the Fantastic Fan.

With such weather, we couldn't procrastinate any longer. We knew we needed to wash the RV. In Colorado, we were too busy. When we got here, it was too hot. We'll do it as soon as the weather cools down, we said. So this was the week. Monday morning John started on the roof about 8 am. Before lunch, it was all done. He washes the big spaces, I use a smaller brush around all of the edges and seams. Then we wiped it down with towels to remove the hard-water spots.

It looks great. No more dead bugs on the front. No more mud spatters. It shines, maybe not like new, but it does shine. That's done until right before we leave here.

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  1. We finally got our 5er washed too. Those bugs just had to go!