Friday, September 30, 2016

Back in Arizona!

We arrived back at our winter home in Gold Canyon on Monday. The site looks empty, abandoned.

This looks a little better. Our truck and trailer are in place and we even have the patio mat and chairs in place.

In June when we bought the Airstream, we had 8 boxes of stuff that had been in our 5th wheel that wouldn't fit in the new trailer. We stored those boxes at our son Eric's house in Littleton and when we arrived here he shipped them to us via FedEx. They arrived Wednesday. Just look at the mess throughout the house as we unpacked.

We have most of it put away now. We have made one run to Goodwill, donating things we haven't used all summer and don't need here in the house. We have more of that to go. But things are shaping up.

So, what is this all about?

Today we took the trailer to RV Renovators in Mesa. We have purchased 2 recliners so they are making room for them, removing the original couch. We are also having some new storage built in place of the original booth of table and benches. We haven't found the Airstream comfortable to sit in the the storage was difficult to access. These changes will make the unit much better for living in six months or so each summer.

We're excited.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Campground Scenes

Ridgway State Park is one of our favorites in Colorado. We hiked on a trail that crossed then went above the Umcompahgre River.

We also saw some mule deer outside our RV.

After our beautiful drive south on the Million Dollar Highway, we checked into Riverside RV Park in Bayfield.  The have beautiful flower gardens.  And look at the face on the end of the log.

This is Al the alpaca at Riverside.  We were told he would be our friend for life if we fed him apple or cucumber. 

These morning glories were growing up the posts on the office building.

Friday we checked into USA RV Park in Gallup, NM.  Look at all the Airstreams here.

The  group is headed to Albuquerque for the annual Balloon Festival.  It was interesting to see all these various versions of our own trailer.  But we are glad we aren't part of the caravan.  We don't care to be part of groups like this. 

We have seen RVs with fences for their dogs or some way for cats to get some air without the owner opening the door.  Just look at this doggie door and fancy platforms and ramps for a dog (or cat) to get outside to this fenced yard.  Very creative.  It looks like everything may fold up into one compact wood box for storage.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Winding Through Beauty

After Blake and Julie's wedding, we drove south again, this time taking one of the most stunning roads in Colorado, the Million Dollar Highway (officially the San Juan Skyway) through Ouray and Silverton to Durango. The road took us to over 11,000 feet above sea level and around many sharp curves with no guard rails and steep drop-offs. But it really wasn't a problem for John pulling our Airstream.

September provides prime fall color viewing most years and we were treated to spectacular sights.  I will let the photos tell you the story.

Thank you, Lord, for the beauty of your creation!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bells Were Ringing

We came to Ridgway State Park because bells were going to ring Saturday--wedding bells. Our nephew Blake was getting married  in nearby Montrose and we were glad we could attend. The celebration was held in Blake's back yard. Isn't it beautiful?

Blake and Julie have both been married before. If you look at the young woman on the far left and the boy on the far right you will see the maid of honor and best man--Blake's daughter Sarah and Julie's son Lane. Blake's son Sam and Sam's wife Mandy were the other attendants.

Weddings are a great time to get together with family.  I took  photos of some who were there at the barbecue on Friday and wedding on Saturday.  There was lots of sun so some pictures aren't that great.

Niece Megan and John's sister Cindy--who is the mother of the groom.

Nephew Scott, great niece Kelsey and niece Tina.

Nieces Becky and Jennifer,

Nephews David, Thad and Craig, great niece Tara and nephew Shadone.

John's sister Kendal, niece Megan and nephew Mark.

I'm sorry I didn't get photos of everyone. We had a great weekend with family!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Traveling South

Since Cody, Wyoming, the location of my last post, we have traveled over 700 miles south to Bayfield, Colorado. The trip took us 10 days, with stops in 4 campgrounds in Lander and Rawlins, Wyoming, and Meeker and Ridgway, Colorado. We have been pretty busy and haven't had great internet part of that journey, so I have a lot to catch up on.

We saw some beautiful western landscapes between Cody and Ridgway.

This is the Wind River Canyon north of Lander.

These electric lines along the road from Meeker to Ridgway create an interesting pattern.

This was the view just a little south of those electric lines.

In Lander we saw this creative statue.

I captured the full moon while in Meeker.

This is the White River, which ran around three sides of our campground in Meeker.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

As we made our way south and east from Yellowstone, we spent 2 nights in the small western town of Cody, Wyoming, named after William F. Cody, better known as Buffalo Bill. We stayed at the Wyoming Trout Ranch RV a few miles out of town. It was attractive, quiet and mostly empty. And it really is a trout ranch. They have a fish hatchery where they raise several types of trout. They also have tipis, "Glamping" tents, for people who don't have an RV.

We had visited Cody before and explored the Buffalo Bill museum complex. This time we checked out the Old Trail Town Museum which contains the largest collection of local  historic buildings and historic artifacts in Wyoming. They have cabins once used by members of the Hole in the Wall Gang, Kid Curry, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. They also have lots of old wagons and a carpenter shop.

There is an old General Store and a Funeral Coach.

We were most interested in the cemetery at the Old Trail Town. Several historic persons have been reburied there, including a buffalo hunter, frontiersman, trapper, two murdered men and one famous murdered woman. In addition, Jeremiah Johnson is buried there. He is of special interest to us because he and John's great great grandfather were both involved in an Indian battle in Montana in 1868. He was made famous in the movie Jeremiah Johnson starring Robert Redford. Redford was a pallbearer in 1974 when Johnson's body was reburied in Cody.

Downtown Cody has a number of attractive old signs. One store has made a bench from a bed headboard and tractor seats.

There are also a number of interesting buffalo statues in town.